Midweek (11-5/6-13): I caught myself thinking…

…about having my own rod company.  At this stage nothing would be for sale, and after coming up with this idea I teased Dad the next morning a bit, saying that my waiting list was awesome, approximately 3-5 years at this point! But I do want to put a brand on my rods, and with a bit of thought on what mattered to me and what I liked of current manufacturers (Sweetgrass, Sweetwater, Otter Creek (Jerry’s name), among others) along with a crafty but neat way of hiding the derivation, I came up with Plumbrook.  Plumbrook Rods.  It seems fitting, especially considering that I seem to have this thing for putting a deep purple on my rod – dark purple trim wraps, accents, and a purpleheart seat insert are only appropriate.


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