To Whomever May Be Reading This

 Hi, I’m Nate, and you’re following along with my own personal adventures in building bamboo rods.  As of this writing I’ve just started this journey but it’s become obvious that this will, in all likelihood, turn in to a lifetime love affair. 

This first entry is but a mere introduction and hello.  The next few are copies of my notes to myself following my building sessions.  Admittedly I put this page together a few weeks after coming up with the Plumbrook name (which you’ll see a little note on later), so the entries and the dates I’ve stated them to occur will not line up entirely.  I suppose that will typically be the case, as this is all reflection anyway.  Because of this post-add I’m short on any pictures for you to see.  Those will come later, when I have my current rod in the finishing stages (at this exact moment it’s a bunch of rough-planed skinny sticks awaiting final planing and glue-up) and likely the varying stages of future projects.

I hope you follow with me, and feel free to ask any questions.  I’ll be happy to answer them.

NJG, 11-26-13


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